Interactive "Senior Radio"

A bedside “radio” serving 3 key functions:


  • Streams personalized music, news, and media contents

  • Tells you what your family is up to

  • Assists management at senior living facility


It streams and occasionally interacts by asking questions, expecting only simple answers such as Yes or No.








Family App

Caressa Device

Facility App

Family updates and facility processes are interlaced in between media content.


Occasionally, it may ask questions, such as: 


  • Did you like that song?

  • Your son is happy. Are you happy, too?

  • Would you like to sign up for tomorrow's ride to the supermarket?

High Engagement Rate

Seniors continuously consume our media content waiting for the next family update

Family-Assisted Content Curation

Polling and gaming with family members to profile seniors for content curation


Asynchronized Social Connection

Keeps busy family updated while seniors also stay connected with family without intrusion


Senior-Friendly Voice Interactions

Expects only simple Yes/No responses occasionally for content interaction


Recurring Revenue From Family

Device paid for by facility to improve its efficiency and for managerial purposes

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