Our Rapidly Aging Society...

By 2030, 1/5th of the U.S. population will be seniors and 70% of them live alone. With 10,000 people reaching the age of 65 everyday now, we are addressing the issue of social isolation by connecting seniors to their family while providing personalized entertainment. Our efforts start at senior living facilities as that is where we can also help the staff to better manage their residents.




Our Missions

  • Reduce Senior Social Isolation

  • Strengthen Family Connection

  • Improve Quality of Senior Care

With Caressa, we provide a senior-friendly media streaming device that delivers personalized contents from news to weather, from music to podcast, from health to educational programs, and most importantly, interlaced with family updates for seniors. By installing in each room at senior living facility, staff can better manage their residents, including activity announcement and signup, event notices, emergency call, posting service updates, and digitize other administrative tasks.

Social, Entertainment, and Service in One Unique Platform

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